UPDATE: 7 Reasons why every techno fan should go to Timewarp US

UPDATE:: Timewarp has recently announce where the event will be held. “We apologize for the delay but without further ado our new location: “39th Street Pier“ at 81 39th Street, South Brooklyn, NY 11232. Time Warp US will be an unforgettable weekend. November 28 & 29, 2 nights, 2 dance floors, 19 DJs. Get ready! This great venue enables us to bring the Time Warp production & experience to New York City.


Techno fans have received a special present from across the ocean, Timewarp. This event is schedule to take place in the busy New York City right after Thanksgiving providing a good reason to party that weekend. 2 night/morning of techno juice pumped through the veins of ravers who are looking to be seduced by the vibrating bass that Timewarp will bring. There has been a couple of obstacles for timewarp representatives after being rejected from The Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx, which was the original location. Now the event will take place in Brooklyn with original dates Friday November 28 and Saturday the 29. No specific venue has been announced yet but that just creates a feel of wonder just like the good ol’ days of the underground. Here are a couple of reasons why techno fans should make it their highest priority to attend this event.


1. The Priority is to keep an underground feel
Among all the electronic music events that are held, most will be at popular venues. You will need to have good ways to find those events that would feel underground. There is nothing more important for a Techno fan to find that back-in-the-day feel crossed with modern-day partying. Timewarp has a history of bringing that feel into a massive audience, even thou it is very popular across the ocean, you can tell from the after-movies that it gooses underground.


2. Techno All night

Timewarp focuses on the foundations of electronic music which includes Techno, House, Minimal, Deep, Tech among other style of that deep seductive bass. They are known to bring some of the best techno, house, minimal artists in the world. If you are looking for the typical adrenaline type of beats then look elsewhere. According to the official ticket site of Timewarp, the hours in which the event will take place looks to be from 9pm to 4am. So expect to see the sun when you leave the event!



Dubfire will bring his new stage show for the first time to the United States! It consist of a 3D technology that puts Dubfire in the middle of screens and project animation that would interact with his music. If you like to be the first to witness it and brag about it, this is the place to be thanksgiving weekend. Look at the official trailer…


4. 21+ only

If you are among the people who dislike having to deal with young full of life ravers who like to disrespect the party then you are in luck! Legal drinking age only allowed. 21+ events are widely known to be more mature and respectful towards other party people.


5. The stage setup

Timewarp has announced that they will be bringing “The Cave” which is their best design that resembles sort of a frozen-like cave that changes colors. No need to say more, just watch the short video below

6. Pan-Pot are excited!



7. This mix created by The Martinez Brothers solely for those attending Timewarp



Here is the full lineup: