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JLuna will release COLONIZATION II (Trailer)

JLuna Release: “Colonization 2” Watch Trailer for release date: COLONIZATION 2 the album from the interstellar traveler JLUNA 👽featuring humans collaborations 🌎with YOUNG BAD TWINZ and JOE COZZO. Go to JLuna’s Instagram for more previews.👾 JLuna is an interstellar traveler not from Earth JLuna creates sound waves in the form of Techno and Progressive house. […]

“This song is called Chocolate Puma” On SoundCloud {{LISTEN}}

The new track “This song is called Chocolate Puma” is a new approach to the sound of how the actual Chocolate Puma sound is with the bombing brass and moombah percussion that is so infectious, groovy and satisfying. This track pays homage to the Explosive duo Chocolate Puma. Grab a listen and share it so […]