First alien to reach Earth specializes in House music

Two signals were intercepted by the Voyager 1 spacecraft, the first from NASA to reach interstellar space. These signals were messages in which describes us humans from an unknown origin who seems to be watching us. An alien responded by the name of JLuna who at the time was out searching for more life forms in different planets. He arrived again this past Monday (Nov. 9) to bring us a manipulation of sounds in the form of music. JLuna calls it “Voyager 1” named after the spacecraft that intercepted the signal. The collection of music can be described as a diary of what JLuna has learned from Humans, Information about the galaxy, and a description of what is JLuna’s purpose in this galaxy. This music can be herd at a website called beatport (Click here to go directly to it). The music already debuted on the top 50 charts of House Music thanks to Electrified Mindz label who gracefully accepted to distribute the music on online stores. Below is a video describing the first encounter including the message that was intercepted.

If you have not seen how this alien looks like, you can see the pictures of it below and follow JLuna for the latest news here and here.