JLuna colonized with a Deluxe Edition {VIDEO}


JLuna is an alien from the lost planet “Ganymede”, situated in a different star 125,000 light-years away. Ganymede was orbiting close to the black hole which spins in the center of this galaxy. Before the planet got dangerously close, time altered which quickly gave the people from ganymede a glimpse of the future of our galaxy. JLuna escaped immediately not knowing the fate of his home planet after falling inside the black hole. The alien then searched for a planet with life and found Earth. A planet where music has flourish in an age of enlightenment, JLuna decided to stay and make it his new home.


This alien has a passion for Techno and Progressive House which engulfs strong melodies and hard hitting percussion, surrounding a strong feel of darkness. As this alien gathers the tools of creativity in music, Humans will join to spread the message from his planet “We are all… but one, in a vast emptiness full of life”.

To begin transmitting waves through the new Lunayk Musyk label is JLuna with a Deluxe Edition of Colonization. Now with 2 extra tracks. The focus of this album centers on the belief of a celestial mind pertaining to the universe. Colonization gambles between Techno and Progressive House with the use of beautiful melodies and strong rhythm.

“The power of life, spread, across the ocean far from what it is believed to be reached. The mind of a life form can morph into its own better self, creating unlimited possibilities. Colonize. Stand in power. Motivate what the mind requires. Push out into the unbelievable“.



1. Dark Mind

2. Embark

3. Colonize The Moon

(Tracklist continues below)

4. Mars

5. Umbra

6. Ashleys Mind

7. Mars (JLuna Override Remix)

8. Universal Gathering (Bonus Track)

9. Colonize The Moon (Live)

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Lunayk Musyk is re-amped with new upcoming creative life forms that has been found in the milky way galaxy. All kinds of different species who create music. These life-forms were picked for their way of interpreting sound waves in a form that a human can understand. Pay close attention. Open your mind and enjoy the unique sound waves that will be coming to earth.

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