JLuna’s “Light” has reached our planet Earth


“In the beginning there was light, from light came energy, from energy came vibrations, from vibrations came sounds. As matter gathered the pieces to create life, life has become manipulative of sound, creating music.”

Light has reached Earth via Beatport.com, sound-waves in the form of specific patterns put together to create human music. Life manipulates sounds for their own enjoyment or to create emotions, Humans have created so many different ways to bring emotion from sounds. JLuna believes the best one of all has been in the form of Electronic music. The name of this EP is Light because in order to appreciate light, we enjoy and pay respect to the darkness which is the best form of enjoying music at nightclubs or during intimate human love… Love can cross the fifth dimension, make its way to the heart, In an ambiguous message. In a form, that no human can interpret. Groovy, rhythmic and dark can be described for the track called “Love”. It creates a smooth ride into an energized emotion. Humans do not understand how they encounter love, but they know how to honor it. Love can communicate even by the longest distances. It pulls in a form of emotion towards that other compatible love.

Listen to the story being told in the track called “Black” which pays respect for the eater of planets. Black holes in the universe are inevitable. Escape was the only choice for JLuna from his home planet Ganymede as it reached the center of this galaxy and swallowed by the black hole. A Techno feel with pads and percussions of a unsettling pattern demonstrating struggle and loneliness.

If there was no light in the universe, and therefore no creature with eyes, we should never know it was dark, dark would be without meaning, therefore prays the “Light”. The last track honoring both light and dark for giving us the ability to see, feel and explore. A Progressive House with deep vibes but energized leads in a very rhythmic fashion. This track completes the Light EP, gathering all the messages from 4 tracks of what started us and other life form in this galaxy we call “The milky way”.


1. Life

2. Love

3. Black

4. Light

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