MELO MUSIK deserves a headliner spot! (NEW PODCAST EPISODE)

Melo Musik 2015.001

Melo Musik has opened up for artists like Thomas Gold & DVBBS. Originating from Boston bringing a progressive feel, DJ Melo and DJ Prince are sure to have you feel right at home with tracks that will keep you singing along or jumping to the beat of their music. The transitions of this set are fluent and will have you guessing what they will do next. They mix mainstream songs into their own style of EDM that will borderline fool you to think is Trance but then the drop brings you back into stomping mode. They have a great selection of songs that wont fall short on bringing you an adrenaline filled night.

The opening was epic and kept us in full anticipation of what it was to come. Melo Musik will be opening up for Karetus this summer in Portugal at the Fiestas da Praia Music Festival. This time DJ Melo will be joined by DJ Cito together bringing surely a performance you will never forget and we wish them the best here at Lunayk because they already deserve a main-stage act. We will keep you updated on all things Melo Musik here. Go to the Universe Musyk Podcast and/or listen to their set below NOW!

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