Music that ooze love into the genre of Electronic music

Sometimes you come across music that can change your mood in an instant. Maybe is the groovy melody or the warm words of the lyrics that can bring joy or love to a freezing heart. Ooberfuse is an electronic band from Woolwich, London who touches on the unvisited human soul and elevate your mood from the most unknown place of the heart. Their song “One Reality” has a tropical feeling with warm vocals from Hal and Cherrie that blends uniquely into the 4/4 beat of house music. It has a pop feeling but still falls under tropical house because of the similar elements that governs it. The bridge has string pads that elevates the song into an epic feel. The quality of this track is superb and bright giving each instrument their own importance for the overall of the song. If you don’t feel an instant change of mood after listening to this song, something is wrong with you.

One Reality” pushes on the notion of a mainstream society who forgets about the one reality of how love is true. Ooberfuse focuses on exploring unknown powers with music which unfolds to the world the deepest mysteries. It is a movement that should be more prominent in our society. The music video of One Reality is as loving as the song feels; we see joy from a place where a ten foot typhoon crashed. The video description says “We went to the shoreline where the ten foot wave of Typhoon Haiyan (aka Typhoon Yolanda) crashed in on mainland Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. We met some incredible people alive with joy, warmth and contagious love. Love conquers all.”

Ooberfuse stays true to the similar message that we here in Lunayk Musyk push to the world; uncovering mysteries and emphasizing on the good outcomes. Listen to their music, become one with the reality of love and you will understand how music can impact the soul. “One Reality” will be released on February 9.

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