New underground event looking to revive the House music scene!

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As electronic music becomes popular, bigger events are held, more expensive artists are booked and ticket prices get higher. We are now seeing artists complain about how expensive events have become in Ibiza. Festivals are raising their ticket prices for many reasons including people demanding better shows and artist are becoming more expensive to book. We know now that the scene has changed so much since the days of the underground parties with house music. The magic has split ways; one towards the big crowds, the other towards the expensive clubs. It is difficult to find a house music event that brings back that essence of entering an underground house party. Well… One group of young entrepreneurs called “Wadsworth Avenue” have decided to bring back that magic of experiencing an underground party similar to Sander van Doorn & Mark Knights music video “Ten”

The feeling of walking down the stairs and entering a dark room with fog machines, lasers and pure electronic music to dance the night away is the essence of how house music began dominating the underground scene. These events lasted long hours through the night with people feeling euphoria gained by the banging bass and groove to dance too. This is no festival environment where there is heat, people pushing, fights and insane groupies or a club environment where drinks are expensive, the DJ only plays an hour set and never focuses on elevating the night. Underground events have people who are there to dance (Not jump), DJ’s who are focused on their skills, work hard on their craft and show their talent on stage in-front of the DJ equipment.WXJ_Cover copy Wadsworth Avenue is presenting “Hotspot” The underground of uptown manhattan which they expect to revive the house music scene. The more events that are held, the more exclusively underground it will become. There are plans to live-stream the event but the location will not be shown to those who happen to click the link and watch it online, giving them an anxious feeling of wanting to find out where the event is being held. Entrance is only 10$ all night which is a steal plus Alcohol will be served for only 5$-10$ top shelf beating prices at a regular club. The first event will be held at Suite 116 with two artist; JLuna and DJ Monkii (Click names respectively for their soundcloud) who are prepared to bring House and Techno with only some popular electronic music just to ease people into the night. The event will be held August 28 (Postponed) which is just the day before the Electric Zoo festival begins in New York. See flyers below..

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