JLuna colonized with a Deluxe Edition {VIDEO}

JLuna is an alien from the lost planet “Ganymede”, situated in a different star 125,000 light-years away. Ganymede was orbiting close to the black hole which spins in the center of this galaxy. Before the planet got dangerously close, time altered which quickly gave the people from ganymede a glimpse of the future of our galaxy. JLuna escaped immediately not knowing the […]

JLuna “Light” EP out August 17 on Beatport

“Before anything had a name or ever existed, there was light. This light bursted creating all that has ever existed. All that we can see started with this light. We thank this light as it gave us life, but what about darkness.. it existed before the light. Let us appreciate the contrast of both, without darkness, […]

JLuna released “Colonization” album!

Artist: JLuna Album: Colonization Release Date: February 27, 2015 Finally! JLuna released “Colonization” a 7 track album that includes “Embark” and “Mars“. The Album has been available since Feb. 27 on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube Music. A Techno-Dub mixture with Progressive House that embodies a dark and mind control feel similar to artist […]