JLuna released “Colonization” album!

Artist: JLuna Album: Colonization Release Date: February 27, 2015 Finally! JLuna released “Colonization” a 7 track album that includes “Embark” and “Mars“. The Album has been available since Feb. 27 on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube Music. A Techno-Dub mixture with Progressive House that embodies a dark and mind control feel similar to artist […]

JLuna “Made Out Of Star Stuff” 56min set of only JLuna tracks

          56min set exploring the universe with only JLuna tracks. Enjoy while in the dark. Look up to the sky to see the stars. Bass, Melody, Rhythm… the essential needs in life.  Tracklist: 1. Made Out Of Star Stuff Intro 2. Umbra 3. Alma 4. Calma 5. Infinite 6. Ship 7. Tono 8. Ao Muna 9. Ashley’s Mind 10. Future 11. Fieri 12. […]

New underground event looking to revive the House music scene!

As electronic music becomes popular, bigger events are held, more expensive artists are booked and ticket prices get higher. We are now seeing artists complain about how expensive events have become in Ibiza. Festivals are raising their ticket prices for many reasons including people demanding better shows and artist are becoming more expensive to book. We know […]

Become a “Universal Friend” to receive FREE tracks from JLuna indefinitely!!

The Universal Friends mailing list is a special opportunity to the first 2,000 subscribers to receive FREE tracks indefinitely! You will be notified if we have reached 2,000 subscribers. This exclusive opportunity will give you access to brand new tracks as they are released to Soundcloud. No one else will be able to download these […]

“This song is called Chocolate Puma” On SoundCloud {{LISTEN}}

The new track “This song is called Chocolate Puma” is a new approach to the sound of how the actual Chocolate Puma sound is with the bombing brass and moombah percussion that is so infectious, groovy and satisfying. This track pays homage to the Explosive duo Chocolate Puma. Grab a listen and share it so […]