X-Change made it “Stronger” for you!


Cutting through with a progressive house style vocal from Jessica Louise is “Stronger” created by none other than X-Change. This brings an emotional ride to those looking for motivation, a self-esteem boost and fun. This sounds like a typical Calvin Harris song but with an electro drop well layered which may show you how unique the track is. X-Change is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer who is looking to bring you an emotional journey of a tumultuous relationship in this song. Jessica Louise voice is soothing and well ranged, as expected since according to this interview her inspiration to sing is none other than Lauryn Hill! The quality of the track is superb, well mixed and mastered. The track has breaks of just melody and Jessica’s vocal that may stop people from dancing in a club which is a concern to us. Most progressive house tracks have these slow breaks that are mostly suitable for personal headphone listening, but this is versatile as it is easily a blend of Electro and Progressive House that can work great at a music festival. We always look forward to hearing more music from X-Change.

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